Accelerating towards extraordinary.


Who we help

People who have a standard of excellence.

They want to go beyond ordinary to extraordinary.

Why people choose us

To change right and fast.

To accelerate movement to exceptional.

Leaders quickly become remarkably authentic.
Teams rapidly connect and productively engage with what matters.
Organisations swiftly create strategically relevant culture and highly effective leaders.
Relationships skilfully achieve mutual cooperation beyond conflict.
People in transition suddenly clarify fulfilling career choices.


How we’re different

We don’t use diagnostics to make you ordinary.

We specialise in what helps you move to extraordinary.

We help you with what’s unique about you so you are your best.


What we do


  • I have found this [Aware Leader] program is the first of its kind to work at helping me to understand the driving force behind my behaviours, personal qualities and fears. By having a greater understanding of these it is allowing me to be authentic in all conversations with colleagues, managers and direct reports. This is already paying huge dividends as I see my leadership skills develop and also the confidence others have by knowing they too can be authentic in our interactions.–Martin Stone, Senior Manager

  • Phil has an ability to take a group on a journey of insight and discovery in a way that is empowering and insightful to each individual.–Gareth Thomas

  • I am prioritising better, relating better, communicating better, feeling less anxiety and stress, not personalising as much, actually seeing myself as part of an organisations culture able to influence it and be influenced by it, leading better, feeling more connected with my work, the company, and the overall contribution that I am making.–Anthony Richardson

  • I have found the experience transformational. I have been able to identify some of the habits of my thought and this has given me a new perspective on how effective my leadership could really be. Furthermore these insights have had application in my personal life that those around me have felt. I have enjoyed going on this journey with my peers and feel that the program has built a real sense of unity and purpose amongst us.–Matthew Wood

  • This unique and highly effective program has resulted in a deeper insight, awareness and connection with self that has resulted in amazing positive life changing actions. The benefits of this program are clear, to self, to my direct reports, to my clients, to my manager, to stakeholders and more broadly to my family and friends. Importantly the program builds within each individual the necessary insights and skills to continue to improve as a leader once the official program has concluded. I highly recommend Phil and the inspirational work that he is doing with the current and future leaders.–Zaheed Evans, Senior Counsel

  • The results (in self-chosen positive and sustainable behaviour changes) are extraordinary. All of this is a testament to Phil. I feel absolutely blessed that he has brought with him his passion to help us to develop into being the best people we can. How many people in the world really share this passion? I believe this programme and Phil are an enormous asset to the organisation. I strongly believe that this course is helping me to become a better leader and will enable me to bring out the best in my colleagues as well.–Suzannah Gilardi

  • This programme has challenged me to value the unique capabilities that each individual brings to the organisation and how I can change to lead that capability effectively.  I have never been so stretched nor found a leadership programme so rewarding.–Robyn Broad